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China(Shanghai)CBME Exhibition was perfect ending,here share you planty of fabulous photos


Shanghai is one of the international city and always business center and fortune in China since 100 years ago,more like a name card when China want display to the whold world.This city is very clever ,it will connct old time and modern time,create fashion,Canghaitian in Pudong replace the maglev and international airport,paomachang became public park. Delicious shanghai dianxin, graceful and restrained Shanghai ladies.


This time,lets review the opening and grand occasion CBME Exhibition 2017 in Shanghai.



These photos which can show our products are diversified and orderly, inequable series, display rack,and effective goods will let you fondle admiringly.


There are many clients from all the cities,which can show our brand clients resources and our quality products!



After consulting, buyer tested on the spot, full of praise after that,so they signed the contact immediately!


This is one of our products which name Macadamia Pregnancy Care Cleansing Cream had great reputation on the spot,the effect is wonderful!


At the end,attached our Urminan staff group photo.what a good job!Thank to all of you!


So far,The Urminan CBME Exhibition 2017 in Shanghai was ended successfully!Urminan would like to break the wind and waves with all the hard during the intense market competition, make great achievement together!