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2017 Urminan "Same Dream same win.start in Beijing"training sessions was ended successfully!


Beihai, is one of the most beautiful coastal city in China,located at southwest China,has international airport, high-speed railway, highway, is also the most convenient marine outfall connection of the association southwestern China port.Its an important port of the ancient "maritime silk road" and a famous historical and cultural city.He has also been selected as one of the top 10 livable cities in China.North bay has abundant marine resources and is one of the "four great fishing grounds" in China, This is a win-win cooperation and communication world.As time flies, we need to say goodbye to our unforgettable 2016 and welcome a new 2017!My friends, the training of Australian Urminan, the dream of win Training Session in Beihai, will begin quietly this summer


Little Good faith is worth than billion golds, Little warmth can withstand thousand years cold,one word hello,can bring sweet and warmth.lets pull together in Beautiful Beihai, congratulate Urminan development road, Same Dream same win.start in Beijing.


Now lets review the grand occasion in Beihai site



The magnificent conference room brings a bright future to friends from all over the world!It will be full of confidence for the training of Urminan



The Urminan limited sets are too popular on the meeting, and buyers are so excited, eager to order immediately



The scene was full with people,many buyers from all the cities,their showup can show their sincere affirmation to Urminan !



The quality is so good,buyer tested on the spot, full of praise after that,so they signed the contact immediately.



After meeting,all the buyers got together and took a photo.recorded this important Beihai meeting!



Urminan Thanks for all the people in this meeing,so we prepared travel veryone feel such happy!


VisitingMingshitianyuan, bamboo raft travel with sings and The flute solo just like paradise!




The last day in Beihai,visited Detian kuaguo waterfall, Guichun river upstream connect China and Vietnam,the waterfall looks very grand and magnificent,is No.1 in Asia,No.4 in the world, water discharge annual average is 3 times than Guizhou Huangguoshu waterfall,AAAA grade tourist attraction in China.also the jiuhaishiguxiangchunandhuaqiangu location hunting, wonderful and amazing.



So far,The Urminan 2017 "Same Dream same win.start in Beijing"training sessions was ended successfully!Urminan would like to break the wind and waves with all the hard during the intense market competition, make great achievement together!