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25th CBME Exhibition was perfect ending,Urminan returned with

March 25-27,Beijing BME exhibition was ended perfectly,As the most professional event in the industry, its influence is large and the attention is high.The event, Urminan as maternal leader in the industry, with the "make the mother and baby which use Urminan products be the most safety people " of the glorious mission, with solid strength, excellent quality, won the trust of our customers!



Bright spots 1: exhibition arrangement of the original ecological ~ Urminan is gift from the pure land, elaborate the Australian native pasture area, perfect match Urminan brand image- original ecology, zero pollution, green health ".The blue sky, the steep rock, the wild flowers of the mountain stream, the flying waterfall, the blooming water lilies, the lively and lovely kangaroo and koala, all explain the beauty of nature.



Bright spots 2:The products are neatly orderliness and show natural and fresh

Urminan daily cosmetics series products has received the general customers approval since 2014, the exhibition of customers also full of praise to the daily chemical products on the market, thanks to struggle all the staff behind the exhibition scenes, you were laborious



Bright spots 3:New daily cosmetics series products show hot Mama

Urminan 3 kinds of set products:

Freshness Beauty Moisturizing Set

female Go-getter Brighten Shiny Set

yummy Mummy Radiance Set

explosions on market:

Pomegranate Time Luxurious Activating Toner

New packing update Set:

Pregnancy Care Avocado Aqua Moisturizing three-piece set

Pregnancy Care Avocado Aqua Beauty three-piece set

Desert Peach Washing Care two-piece set

Citrus paradisi Body Wrinkles Preventing three-piece set



Bright spots 4: Postpartum new products and specialized instrument,got many eye-catching

Graceful Bearing Conditioning Set

Xinlin Chunnuan Conditioning Set

Curvy Posture Conditioning Set

Specialized instrument

With the essential oil special professional massage technique



Bright spots 5:This show had a full house,the clients had cooperative purpose,no matter daily cosmetics or postpartum new set seires, picture is the truth



Bright spots 6:so many pretty girls

This BME exhibition,all the market staff came ,they weared airline stewardess suits,from  image to service,their posture and outlook are the best!



Unique Urminan,Unique team,Unique setup

The Beijing BME exhibition was ended perfectly by satisfying from all people,wish everyone can use the good thing into local market,make Urminan more and more stronger!