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Australian Urminan Annual Meeting in Sanya,China Fashion Night Award Dinner Was Successful Ended



Few Days ago, Australian Urminan Annual Meeting in Sanya,China Fashion Night Award Dinner Was Successful Ended, this annual meeting invited the agents all over the country and shop owner of nearly 1000 people, common witness of grand sail, this Fashion carnival night and three days of island tour.Now let us review this meeting together………

The conference was started at AM8:30, December 6,2016, at the moment of sanya was picturesque, blue sky, white clouds, the grass, beach, sunshine...


All this views were all matched Urminan brand concept which is original ecology, zero pollution,green healthy.

Our clients enter sequential


The morning dew, our beloved chairman Mr.Feng was standing at the gate of the venue, give our clients one by one with travelling home sincere and warm welcome.


conference site


This annual meeting at the scene were crowded and Super popularity high~ ~ ~

Two beautiful moderator on behalf of the company all staff travelling partners to extend our warm welcome ~ ~ ~

The opening dance was hot“samba to relieve veryones tired whom from all the places to Sanya.

Our handsome and well-thought-of chairman Mr.Feng Haitao delivered a speech for the meeting ~ ~ ~

Thank you for Mr.Feng splendid speech, gave him applause, flowers gave him ~ ~ ~

In order to better development of  Urminan Career,Our beautiful vice president Mrs Zhao Xianhui also shared the Excellent course.

Our beautiful market director Mrs.Luo Yaxin shared the Urminan products  planning in 2017 ~ ~ ~

This was our young, handsome marketing director Mr.Wang Zhen ,he was sharing the product policy.

The product Direction for Use display

Partners understand policy and order goods

Time was always short, meeting in the morning to come to an end, at last people collective pictured.



Fashion Night Ward Dinner Scene


Hytii brand,Urminan brand Sanya Fashion Night Award Dinner Scene, Night falls,the lights were up,our party was count down.

Our guests weared handsome suit and nice evening dress,step on our startlight red carpet.

Tonight the start was so glorious,the moon was smoothy,Fashion night,bright night,fashion night,open night!

Tonight with wine and delicous food,beauty all around the place,Fashion night,romantic night,Fashion night, ecstasy night.

Tonight was passionate,we were dancing and singing,Fashion night,passion night,Fashion night, hilarity night.

Such beautiful amazing Fashion night,we had been toghther,at this right moment,lets welcome our handsome and talented chairmen Mr.Feng gave toast speeking for the party.

Wine doesn't make a man drunk if he's not in the mood~~~

It was luck when thousands cups of wine with a friend are too little

In such a passion of the night, everyone was eager to have the power to break all, standing at the top of the rainbow, through the milky Way of bright, full bloom!This was our company beautiful girls play the Sign language danceLife in full bloom.

In order to thanks for our excellent agents whom always support us all the time, we set up a lot of awards at a dinner party, here was the some of name as follow:

Hytii most breakthrough of the year award:

Jinan Ma Xiujun

Shijiazhuang Zhaozhibo

Zhangjiakou Wang Jinfu

Qianan Fuzhi

Pingdingshan Wang zenglu

Guilin Wang linguo

Xinxiang Li Wenqiang

 Urminan the most growth of the year award:Gansu Cui Yuxia

Urminan The most potential of the year award:

Hubei Lu Daozhou

Yunnan Zeng Weijie

Shanxi Wei Dong

Hytii the most growth of the year award:Yunan Li Lianfa

Hytii The most progress of the year award:Shandong Zhanglei

Urminan The most Cooperation of the year award:Hunan Ouyangxinhui

Hytii The most outstanding of the year award:Hebei Li Junbiao

Urminan Win-win strategy of the year award:Sichuan Bao Fan

Those list above were our best excellent agents in 2016,wish we do better in the future of 2017


Besides the dance from our company beautiful girls ,we were invited the Hainan characteristic 《Hawaiian dance》


One of the famous singing star up to the stage.

Company also prepare the game with many presents

Lottery link: first prize qty1(each one for Ipad ),Second prize qty5(each one for FUANNA Senior silk quilt  ),Third prize qty 8(each one for AMERICAN TOURISTER trunk)

Our malecompere was versatilitya with talking and singing

Our guests were eating the delicious dinner

Mr.Feng and Mrs.Zhao were toasting one table by one

Our clients were singing a song 《today》together for memoried this special days

One of our guest were singing a song《good fortune as one wishes》


Happy time were always short.lets all remember tonight!Fashion night!

We were all connect like family although we were all from different places,today we got here,Fashion night!

New year means new jorney,new expectation,Fashion night!

The Photo Gallery for 3days Sanya jorney

 After the patry dinner,Hytii and Urminan brands had 3days Sanya jorney with all the agents

       South Bay Monkey Island

 Its the only Monkey island in China,which had plaza, tourism spot and water park


Fenjiezhou Island

 Has incomparable original natural scenery, rich of trees and plants and animals on the island is a tropical paradise.

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

 Is a species rich resources, beautiful landscape, with scientific research, popular science, sightseeing and plant germplasm resources protection function of comprehensive tropical botanical garden

Ganshi Ridge Binglang valley original  Li&Miao's cultural tourism zone


The top ten best film shooting base for framing, state-level non-material cultural heritage protection.


Yanuoda Tropical rain forest scenic spot

 The Chinese diamond level forest scenic area


Lu huitou


Is the highest statue of hainan island, is looking up the commanding heights of the sea and watch sunrise and sunset

Nanshan Buddhism Wenhuayuan

 Nan shan, 500 meters high, at the age of xiangyun fills the air in the mountains, spectacular, is a traditional Chinese buddhist culture, rich in deep philosophical implication, the enlightening education for life

Tianya Haijiao Scenic


Love And Passion ,

Oceans come along,

The ends of the earth, hand in hand,

South China city to set sail again!