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How to get rid of stretch marks To become a beautiful spicy mom abdomen

Pregnant Life a very sacred thing, mothers are great, sad and hard for people to know pregnant for 10 months , after the baby arrived, the mother looked at the bulging belly, sigh.I wonder if that smooth firming the abdomen will never gone?In order to love the children, mothers are really only sacrificed their beauty?The answer is not sure, if mothers understand and prevent early, and nurse at the same time, believe that Eva and a beautiful belly is no longer a conflict.

What is the stretch marks
Shen grain is a kind of stretch marks, is one of the pregnant women in production after abdominal ZhongTiao funicular scar sex skin lesions, often early to dark red or purple, stable after stretch marks then took on a white or pale white skin damage, make originally very beautiful presents an abdomen pine bark appearance, very influencing belly is beautiful, a lot of pregnant women have stretch marks.

When a stretch marks?
Stretch marks usually when pregnant belly just highlight began long, time is at 4 months pregnant - 5 months;Stretch marks not only grow on the abdomen, but grow in the thighs, hips, waist, etc all fat accumulation.Can appear early, pink stretch marks, will cause itchy skin.Stretch marks will gradually expand the length and width, color to red or purple.Once the gravid grain is ripe, they will lose the original red/pink and tonal, pregnant a few months, they will begin to fade, become pale white or silver, also may be irregular shape. 

Skin due to pregnancy weight gain mother, stretching, there may be a stretch marks, is stretch marks on the red small bulge, this can bump is likely to be pregnancy SAO is urticant sex urticaria papules and plaques disease, also called "pregnancy pleomorphic rash".Stretch marks usually itching around 1 week will be better, however, may have to wait until after the birth of a new baby to disappear completely.Although itchy stretch marks on you and your baby will not harm, but serious still need to go to see the doctor.

How to deal with stretch marks?
1. prevention.In the early pregnant women start to prevent stretch marks, to avoid appear so many stretch marks on abdomen.Therefore, women can be done in the diet during pregnancy prevention.
Stick to try to eat fresh fruit, drink less juice;Drink skim milk, drink whole milk less;Drink soup, drink soup, less eat sugar fruit more, eat less cookies and salad, desserts and Fried foods, maintain a balanced nutrition, increase the elasticity of the skin.
2. exercise.Also pregnant, some striae of pregnancy women less, a lot of people think it is related with the constitution, but in fact is is related to the amount of exercise and pregnancy.Love sports, some usual traffic volume larger women, its ability to pull belly is better than women who don't exercise or physical activity less, able to endure abdominal tendons tension during pregnancy.Want to pregnant mothers, increase carry momentum can start properly before, do some sports such as running, sit-ups, yoga, enhance the flexibility of abdominal muscle tension and skin.
3.use the corset.If your abdominal muscles loose, the child is bigger, or under the condition of multiple births, may lead to suspension, into the basin has a certain impact on the fetus, suggestion is to use the corset, ease the tension of the abdominal wall.
4. massage.Local massage can increase skin elasticity, cooperate in addition to grain frost used at the same time, not only make it easier for massage, and keep skin moist, avoid excessive strong pull.Recommend that pregnant women from 3 months pregnant, to insist on abdominal massage within three months after birth, can effectively prevent stretch marks generated or desalinates the formation of fine lines.
Pregnant women can use use olive oil to prevent stretch marks, leisurely rub olive oil every night in the thigh and abdomen, massage for 5-10 minutes, can effectively prevent the generation of stretch marks.
5. make sure that the skin moist.If you itself belongs to the dry skin, you grow a bigger risk of stretch marks.Dealing with stretch marks one of the most effective way is to apply for a long time something nourish the skin, to keep the belly skin moisture and smooth degree.You don't think the abdomen have stretch marks, and so their thighs, hips and chest will moderate expansion, because skin will generate striae of pregnancy.