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A pregnant women donot worry bout spot,Urminan teach you how to prevent

        Pregnant, what long spot, has always been a concern for many pregnant mother.
       Gestation spot for many love beautiful mothers-to-be concerns, make it to birth.Gestation spot is inevitable, but can control their development.

          Most pregnant women in pregnancy after 4 months, there will be a dark brown spots on the face, the bridge of the nose, cheeks, is also visible in the forehead, a butterfly, known as the pregnancy gestation spot.It is by the pituitary gland secretion of melanin cells during pregnancy hormones increase.Normally, pregnancy spots, can be in 3-6 months after the production to reduce, or even disappear, but some special physical fitness, and internal organs have special disease of women, or not take care of the pregnant mother during pregnancy, may not disappear, need to the hospital for treatment.
How to prevent pregnancy, pregnancy spots, is to be effective and to avoid damage to the baby in the belly.In this slow, give some advice to the pregnant mother.


Regular habits.
During the period of gestation, mothers should pay attention to their own life work and rest time, stick to a healthy life time.Keep enough sleep, to guarantee the regular diet.


Reduce sun glare.
Although often bask can contribute to a healthy body, but direct sunlight can cause the growth of the pigment, gestation spot is deepened, thus not conducive to the late to cure.

Stable state of mind.
Minimize the mood of strong volatility and emotions will not only affect baby development, will also affect on the mother's skin, make its gestation spot deepened, against) after treatment.

Keep the weight increase and decrease.
Pregnant mothers during will be excessive intake of nutrition food for the sake of children's health, so may cause adverse effects on the mother, make its metabolism early summer.Gestation period, therefore, to control the weight of the body, avoid increase too fast.

Vitamin supplements.
During the period of gestation to intake of vitamin C, eat food rich in vitamin C, such as tomato, strawberry, vegetables, etc.

Often massage the skin.
Skin massage can increase the blood circulation, make its maintain normal metabolism.Also can make the skin more elastic, improve skin resistance of melanin.
Do can help a woman more than six effectively prevent gestation spot, no need to worry about pregnancy, pregnancy.