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Skin Care Essential Skill For Pregnant Women During Pregnancy

The love of beauty is a woman's nature, the pregnant woman is no exception.But pregnant women choose to protect skin to taste is to have cultured, unlike ordinary person, as long as not allergic.Pregnant women, then, how to protect skin?
Pregnant women in choosing to protect skin to taste the place need to pay attention to when there are a lot of, the following, leisurely, summarizes some about pregnant women how to select the method that protects skin to taste, together and see it!
Pregnant women should choose professional security brand
1.pregnant women about how to choose to protect skin to taste
Pregnant mothers need to learn the good and bad are intermingled in the dialectical view of the skin care market products.Can say, more than 60% of the pregnant women do not know how to choose skin care products.In the face of common skin care products on the market, they either accept according to the order, or fear.
In fact the current skin care market is a chowder stewing pot filled with a large number of quality products.Pregnant mothers should not only learn to avoid those who have the potential risk of ordinary skin care products, also want to learn how to "course, the hero", some pregnant women for their safety.
2.pregnancy skin pay attention to safety
If you want to better safeguard the health of the fetus, the pregnant mother should learn from the perspective of ingredients selected skin care products.In general, containing heavy metals, hormones, and unknown skin care products with harmful substances are not suitable for pregnant women, the effect of these products are generally has a distinct characteristics, such as whitening, spot, acne, etc.
What skin care during pregnancy? attention to clean
The dirt in the air will be attached inside the pores.Pregnant women in the daily skin care, therefore, be sure to use a good cleaning effect, such as cleaning, clean face at the same time to avoid allergic source.
Pregnancy care avocado water essence nourishes cleanser is 100 g
At the same time of cleaning can supplement the pregnant and perinatal period the loss of a large number of moisture, keep skin water embellish position;Can supply more maternal skin by the special nutrients.

2. skin moisturizing,
Daily skin care, pregnant women should do a good job in moisture in everyday go out also can not ignore, at any time for the skin moisturizing.

Pregnant avocado essence nourishes condensation water 130 ml
Hyaluronic acid composition, can stimulate the skin vitality, all-weather intensive moisturizing, always felt infiltration of the skin, fresh water embellish skin moment!
3.warm water wash a face
Pregnant women in addition to using mild moisturizing moisturizing skin care products, even the ordinary water washing a face also need to pay attention to.In order to avoid to stimulate the skin, pregnant women it is best to use warm water to wash your face.Stimulate skin with warm water wash a face can be avoided, cause skin allergy.
4. sunscreen will catch
Sunscreen is mainly uv protection, is seen through clouds and ultraviolet ray direct illuminate to the skin of human body.Sunscreen is, therefore, must be all the year round.Pregnant women to prevent bask in unfavorable use sunscreen, recommends that pregnant mother physical sunscreen, sunscreen with a hat or umbrella., keep enough sleep
Sleep is also very important to pregnant women to maintain skin, enough sleep besides can let skin appear ruddy elastic, can let your body become more better.
Security protect skin note
1. the makeup look every time cleaning must be thoroughly, prevent pigmentation.

2.the use of cosmetics to avoid containing hormones and heavy metals such as copper, mercury, lead, should choose good quality, guaranteed, composition is simple, dominated by natural ingredients, mild nature of the product.

3, outdated products and cosmetics firm need not of others.

4.don't cry because it is during pregnancy pregnant spot of produce and use powerful whitening products.

5.try not to apply lipstick, if you are using, while drinking water before a meal should be erased, prevent harmful substances through the mouth into the matrix.