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Elite training and tourismof of guilin in China has finished perfectly

             On August 8- August 11
To win in the terminal, light in China
Urimnan elite training and tourism in  guilin of china
was held in Guangxi guilin big mansion hotel
A perfect opportunity for change and a spiritual sublimation of the platform
Urminan witness the birth of glory with you together


Break the sky unstoppable!
The scene of many dealers from all over the country
meet partners together
Witness this grand sail
Write a new chapter. Wonderful

        The sales director ms zhao come from Australia inatural organic care co., LTD., show you a presentation about sales from zero to the success of the change of mind, inspire everyone as long as the clear goal, in the established sales gold time hold customer's heart, achieve sales of "impossible"!To make customer accept our products, must first learn to shape the product value.Also need to be clear, the customer not buy the product, but the benefits of product can give him behind the value of learning psychology is also a means of promotion for sales job, know the sales psychology, can make the sales better.    


Marketing director ms Luo is sharing marketing strategy and store promotional activities.



After the training session

 we "tour of guilin" was launched

The vast landscape and Great natural landscape
make all the people present surprised and linger 






Win the terminal  and steady development
Copolymerization of guilin  and win The whole world
Natural gift from Queensland, Australia
Adhering to the global recognition of guangdong development bank natural product definition
To make mother and baby become the most happiness and a sense of security!