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About Us

The Origin of Brand

Urminan, under AUSTRALIAN INATURE ORGANIC CARE PTY LIMITED brand,which start from Australia, as the only island continent, is praised as the last pure land in the world.

Australia has the desirable original ecological environment,possesses 1 million kinds of natural,with the world's leading bio National Research Center, the unique natural climate and geographical environment, to provide a primitive ecological environment for plants growth. All the raw materials of Urminan brand are from Queensland's organic farms and pollution-free pure sea waters .

AUSTRALIAN INATURE ORGANIC CARE PTY LIMITED is located in New South Wales, Sydney.The factory fully integrated into the surrounding natural environment, garden style design, all reached the Australian government and the European Union GMP standard.also awarded the Organic Certification issued by European Union and Australia government. The factory adopts the natural and organic plants without any chemical materials, and the plants are from the Dobson R Farm. Additionally, the factory adopts the SPAGYRIC organic and eco-friendly patented separating and extracting technology, refining technology and repolymerizing technology which are named as the Diamond Refining Technology and are the most advanced and eco-friendly refining technologies in the world for producing plant essences with highest life force. Urminan brand health care products and cosmetics are produced in there.


Urminan ,the healthy and safe special skin care products for pregnancy

Urminan components is base food and cosmetics in one safe theory, pick up varieties of natural organic fruits grown on organic farms in Queensland, Australia. adopts the SPAGYRIC organic and eco-friendly patented separating and extracting technology and compound in Urminan facory in Australia.Urminan series products in mainland China market,part of products are 100% produced in Australia factory,part of products are separate raw materials was made in Australia,packing in China Factory,which have GMP standard and funded solely AUSTRALIAN INATURE ORGANIC CARE PTY LIMITED cosmetics factory.


Brand Positioning

Pure care, Create perfect healthy women!

Prepare for pregnant or unpregnant women before pregnancy, during pregnancy and recover after pregnancy 


Brand Mission

Make the mother and baby who use Urminan products are those who feel safest and most happy.

During the pregnant and prenatal period, the physical and psychological states of the women will change seriously. Asian people have thin cuticle with high sensitivity to the external irritation. The immunity of women will drop during the pregnant and prenatal period, the hormone secretion will be unbalanced, and the sebum gland secretion will increase with more oil on skin, therefore, skin may easily become oil, dull, dry and ageing with acne, rough pores, spots and pregnant wrinkles. How to safely use cosmetics without hurt to the health of baby, it has become the most concerned issue for women to keep young and beautiful during the pregnant and prenatal period.

The cosmetics special for pregnant and prenatal women shall be natural, safe, professional, effective and basic, and shall not contain any heavy metal, alcohol, hormone, mineral oil and chemical perfume without hurt to the baby and pregnant women, and can effectively relieve the skin defects during the pregnant and prenatal period. Cosmetics for pregnant and prenatal women are customized according to the nutrition structure and physical properties of skin with safe and professional formula, and are safe and reliable since they adopt natural and organic plants, and the processing process meets the Green, Eco-Friendly and Healthy principle.